Don't worry. Nothing lasts forever. So grab a cookie and relax. It's probably nothing.

Cookies For The Brave is a project of four young entrepreneurs with the mission to spread motivation and inspiration through fortune cookie art. The team works together on creating NFTs that are unique and help you stay motivated! Each NFT contains a unique fortune and features unique artwork - they all have their individual look but still have one thing in common: the fortune cookie shape.

The team believes that you can achieve anything if you work hard, stay motivated and believe in yourself. They want to give their community the possibility to share these values with others and encourage them to believe in themselves as well. The first collection "Cookies for the Brave" is about sharing your personal mantra with others. It's about creating an online community where everybody feels comfortable in sharing their personal motto or advice for a good everyday well-being. That's what the team stands for: being brave, being strong, believing in yourself and motivating others to do the same and get out of their comfort zone.